Seabird Monitoring

Our seabird ecologists and field technicians work with Dr Chris Surman and Dr Lisa Nicholson at Halfmoon Biosciences to deliver seabird monitoring programs to clients across Australia.

Our successful collaboration with Halfmoon Biosciences allows their extensive field experience and novel field equipment to be supported by Pendoley Enivronmental’s in-house statistical and population modelling expertise. Combined, we deliver high-quality deliverables based on accurate collection, interpretation, and analysis of data, providing unrivaled confidence in monitoring outcomes to meet compliance obligations and inform management decisions.

How Pendoley Environmental can help

We can design and implement species- and site-specific programs tailored to meet monitoring objectives, such as:

  • Gather environmental baseline data (e.g. species assemblage and abundance)
  • Detect long term trends in population demographics
  • Assess and mitigate impacts of artificial light