Barrow Island / Mundabullangana Flatback Turtle Tagging Program

We conduct an annual flatback turtle tagging program between November and January each year on behalf of Chevron Australia. The purpose of the program is to assess and monitor the status of a nesting population on the east coast of Barrow Island in proximity to the Gorgon Gas Development. Equivalent studies are also undertaken at a reference beach located on the mainland at Mundabullangana Station, south of Port Hedland. The program began in 2005/06, with five years of baseline data collected prior to construction commencing in 2010.

Volunteer taggers are crucial to the success of this program. To date, over 900 people have joined us on the beaches to gather information which is critical for effective monitoring of these turtle populations. The Gorgon Flatback Turtle Tagging Program presents a unique opportunity to interact with marine turtles and collect important scientific data without bearing the costs associated with other volunteer environmental programs. It's also a lot of fun!

Volunteer applications for the 2023/24 season are now closed. The Prospective Volunteer Information Booklet remains accessible below for existing applicants.