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Sydney Astrofest 2018

Astrofest Sydney was a hit on Saturday night; thousands turned up to the University of Sydney event to view the night sky, listen to astronomy and science talks, see the planetarium and learn about light pollution.

At the Pendoley Environmental table, we raised awareness on the issue of light pollution and the impacts of light pollution on human, wildlife and environmental health. We explained how turtles are affected by artificial light,  how to manage light that is too bright, the LED movement, Dark Sky Parks and the role of the International Dark Sky Association.

We also spread the word about the upcoming Dark Sky Conference at Siding Springs Observatory in September 2018.

The conference 'Riding the Lightwave of Technology' will explore pathways to align technology, industry and policy towards sustainable advancements in lighting for the betterment of our man-made and natural environments. 

Visit our website's Artificial Light Monitoring Service page to learn more or  email Dr Kellie Pendoley to discuss monitoring or managing your artificial light emissions.