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PENV presents at 70th WA State Environmental Health Conference

Environmental Health Australia (EHA) have invited Dr Kellie Pendoley to present at the upcoming 70th WA State Environmental Health Conference.

Leaders in the field of artificial light assessment, Pendoley Environmental's division ‘Digital Horizon Imaging’ (DHI), which focuses exclusively on artificial light at night (ALAN), recently held a free seminar to educate attendees on the topic of ALAN, share their knowledge of the tools available for measuring light, and discuss approaches for monitoring and managing lighting issues.

Representatives from Environmental Health Australia (EHA) WA attended the workshop. EHA are dedicated to providing enhanced environmental health standards for, and on behalf of, all the communities of Australia and are involved in development of standards of practice in environmental health policies.

Recognising the increasing importance of the issue of light pollution and its impact on human health, EHA WA invited Pendoley Environmental to prepare and present an abstract at the upcoming 70th WA State Environmental Health Conference.

Held at the Pan Pacific in Perth, from 31st August to 2nd September 2016, the conference aims to enhance knowledge in the diverse range of issues dealt with by Environmental Health Practitioners.

Increasingly, this includes nuisance lighting complaints and other issues associated with poorly managed or non-compliant lighting installed on residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Head to our website to learn more about DHI and light pollution, or to discuss your lighting concerns, call Dr Kellie Pendoley on (08) 9330 6200 today.

Review the abstract here
70th WA State Environmental Health Conference