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Now available online: the complete publication list

The complete list of publications by Pendoley Environmental is now available online.

The team at Pendoley Environmental keep up to date with relevant research advances, whilst contributing to field-specific knowledge. Our scientists regularly attend international conferences, workshops and symposia, collaborating with their peers and consolidating their professional networks.

The Pendoley Environmental team make ongoing contributions to the global store of knowledge in their respective fields through publication of novel findings in the relevant, peer-reviewed journal.

Recent outputs are listed below in reverse chronological order and staff listed in capital letters.

Please contact us if you would like a pdf copy of an article.

Publication List

WHITTOCK PA, PENDOLEY KL, Larsen R, & Hamann M (2017) Effects of a dredging operation on the movement and dive behaviour of marine turtles during breeding. Biological Conservation 206: 190-200

WHITTOCK PA, PENDOLEY KL & Hamann M (2016) Using habitat suitability models in an industrial setting: the case for inter-nesting flatback turtles. Ecosphere 7: 1-19

PENDOLEY KL, WHITTOCK PA, VITENBERGS A & BELL C (2016) Twenty years of turtle tracks: marine turtle nesting activity at remote locations in the Pilbara, Western Australia. Australian Journal of Zoology 64: 217-226

WHITTOCK PA, PENDOLEY KL & Hamann M (2016) Flexible foraging: Post-nesting flatback turtles on Australia’s continental shelf. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 477:112-119

PENDOLEY KL & KAMROWSKI RL (2016) Sea-finding in marine turtle hatchlings: What is an appropriate exclusion zone to limit disruptive impacts of industrial light at night. Journal for Nature Conservation 30: 1-11

PENDOLEY KL & KAMROWSKI RL (2015) Influence of horizon elevation on the sea-finding behaviour of hatchling flatback turtles exposed to artificial light-glow. Marine Ecology Progress Series 529: 279-288

KAMROWSKI RL, Limpus C, PENDOLEY KL & Hamann M (2014) Influence of industrial light pollution on the sea-finding behaviour of flatback turtle hatchlings. Wildlife Research 41: 421-434

PENDOLEY K, BELL C, McCracken R, Ball K, Sherborne J, Oates J, BECKER P, VITENBERGS A & WHITTOCK PA (2014) Reproductive biology of the flatback turtle Natator depressus in Western Australia. Endangered Species Research 23: 115-123

PENDOLEY K, Schofield G, WHITTOCK PA, Ierodiaconou D & Hays GC (2014) Protected species use of a coastal marine migratory corridor connecting marine protected areas. Marine Biology 161: 1455-1466

WHITTOCK P, PENDOLEY K & Hamann M (2014) Inter-nesting distribution of flatback turtles Natator depressus and industrial development in Western Australia. Endangered Species Research 26: 25-38

Thums M, Whiting SD, Reisser JW, PENDOLEY KL, Pattiaratchi CB, Harcourt RG, McMahon CR, & Meekan M (2013) Tracking sea turtle hatchlings — A pilot study using acoustic telemetry. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 440: 156–163

PENDOLEY K & Christian MA (2012) Summary of Marine Turtle Records for Norfolk Island. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum | Nature 56(1): 67-78

BELL CD, Blumenthal JM, Broderick AC & Godley BJ (2010) Investigating potential for depensation in marine turtles: how low can you go? Conservation Biology 24(1): 226-235

Blumenthal J, Austin TJ, BELL CD, Bothwell JB, Broderick A, Ebanks-Petrie G, Gibb J, Luke KE, Oynyick J, Orr MF, Solomon J & Godley BG (2009) Ecology of Hawksbill Turtles Eretmochelys imbricata on a Western Caribbean Foraging Ground. Chelonian Conservation Biology 8: 1-10