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Listen to Dr Kellie Pendoley on Sydney community radio station 2SER 107.3

 Today on Sydney community radio station 2SER 107.3, Dr Kellie Pendoley was interviewed about artificial light and the impacts to the environment and human health.
Listen to the interview to hear Dr Pendoley on: 
  • What is light pollution?
  • How artificial light affects marine turtle hatchlings?
  • How does light affect human health?
  • What are LEDs and how do they affect your health?
  • Does staring at screens really damage your eye?
  • What can we do about it?
If you want to know more or get involved, Dr Pendoley recommends you: 
  • Talk to your council about how they manage LED lighting.
  • Lobby your state government to recognise light as a form of pollution just like air, water and soil pollution.
  • Join the International Dark Sky Association for more information on what you can do and how you can get involved 
If you would like to know more, contact Dr Kellie Pendoley to discuss Pendoley Environmental's Artificial Light Monitoring Service.