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Light Pollution: Theory, Modelling, and Measurement (LPTMM) conference

In May 2015, Dr Kellie Pendoley travelled to Quebec, Canada to attend the Light Pollution: Theory, Modelling and Measurement (LPTMM) conference. Dr Pendoley’s presentation, co-authored by Benjamin Goodsell of Pendoley Environmental, was titled:

'Light measurement and modelling requirements of the biological sciences'

The presentation focused on the needs and problems associated with measuring light to meet regulatory conditions associated with environmental protection and wildlife conservation in Australia.

The aims of the LPTMM conference were:
To bring together experts to discuss the current state of the field and to formulate new research direction; and
To facilitate more intensive development in this field of research.  

Conference topics included:

    • Theoretical concepts of modelling light pollution
    • Numerical tools and simulation experiments
    • Effects of atmospheric aerosols and obstacles on light pollution
    • Impact of spectral characteristics of light sources and reflecting surfaces
    • Observational techniques, data, and products
    • Design and evaluation of dark sky friendly lighting technologies
While in Canada, Dr Pendoley also presented at the Third International Conference on Artificial Light at Night (ALAN).

For copies of abstracts or more information about Pendoley Environmental's Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) Light Assessment services, visit our Light Assessment web page or Email Dr Kellie Pendoley.