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Pendoley Environmental at Island Arks Symposium IV, Norfolk Island

Island Arks Symposium IV will be held on Norfolk Island, 20-27 February 2016.

Symposium themes will include conservation tourism, island translocations, new advances in pest control and eradication, marine and island ecosystem linkages, restoration economics, and global seabird ecology linkages.

Dr Kellie Pendoley is proposing to present two papers, providing information on:

Norfolk Island’s marine turtles; and
Norfolk Island: A case study for a Dark Sky Community.

The first topic will build on her 2012 publication on marine turtles at Norfolk Island, the only information currently available on Norfolk Island's resident marine turtles (Pendoley K & Christian MA (2012) Summary of Marine Turtle Records for Norfolk Island. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum | Nature 56(1): 67-78).

The second will build on Kellie's relationship with the International Dark Sky Association, her experience monitoring and measuring Artificial Light at Night, and her development of the Sky42TM light measuring equipment, which was purpose built to capture and assess levels of light pollution.

The Norfolk Island Group is a globally important biodiversity hotspot and has been designated as an ‘Important Bird Area’ by Birdlife International. The group is a breeding site for 100,000's seabirds, including the masked booby, grey ternlet, white tern, sooty tern, and wedge-tailed shearwater, and further supports one of the largest breeding populations of red-tailed tropic birds in Australia. Norfolk is also home to the endemic and endangered Norfolk Island Green Parakeet and other endemic birds, such as the Norfolk Island golden whistler and Norfolk Island scarlet robin.