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Nuisance lighting assessed; residents’ issues addressed

nuisance light

Following several complaints of nuisance lighting from local residents, Pendoley Environmental was requested to undertake an assessment of lights on commercial buildings adjacent to the residents’ properties to confirm compliance with Australian Standard AS4282 ‘Obtrusive Effects of Outdoor Lighting’ (‘the Standard’).

Table 2.1 of the Standard sets out the maximum recommended limits for illuminance and luminance values of pre-curfew and post-curfew (10 pm) lighting levels of 25 and 4 lux respectively (illuminance) and 2500 cd (luminance). The Standard also specifically addresses the potential impact of blinding glare to passing motorists and of light trespass onto neighbouring properties, by requiring the use of shielding to minimise stray light.
Lux (lx) data was collected using a Lutron Electronic Light Meter LX-1108 and luminous intensity was measured using a Konica Minolta Luminance Meter LS-110.

Pre- and post-curfew illuminance and luminance levels exceeded the limitations in the Standard and were determined to be non-compliant. This lighting was therefore considered ‘obtrusive’. Glare from some bulkhead lights produced stray light that was also non-compliant, potentially impacting passing motorists, and shining directly into nearby residences.

Based on our extensive experience with the measurement and management of artificial light to limit impacts to people, plants and animals, we provided the Shire with practical advice and affordable solutions to bring the lights into compliance with the Standard. Our advice also addressed the residents’ safety concerns, which were focused around the potential security risk from clientele of a nearby pub in the absence of lighting.

We also recommended they consider drafting a lighting ordinance. More common in the Eastern states of Australia, a lighting ordinance, often based on the guidelines of the Standard, provides residents, business owners and LGA officials responsible for the management of obtrusive or nuisance lighting, with clear guidelines and parameters for the management of lighting issues that are specific to each LGA.

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