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International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC) 2014 – Abstracts Accepted

Oiled Wildlife abstracts have been accepted for the 2014 International Oil Spill Conference in Savannah, Georgia, USA, being held in May next year (2014). Pendoley Environmental (PENV) works with offshore oil and gas operators and Non-government Organisations (NGO’s) in both Oil Spill/Oiled Wildlife Planning, and first response preparedness and operations, along with providing a Tier 1 Oiled Wildlife callout capability for local industry, ports, and marinas.

Dr Andrew Morgan, Senior Marine Scientist, stated that ‘acceptance of two Oiled Wildlife abstracts, one for a paper and one for a poster, is evidence of recognition internationally regarding our capability and expertise in this area’. He went on to say ‘we are excited about the opportunity to participate in Western Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry and government interests in Oiled Wildlife Research, Preparedness, and Response developments’.

General Manager, Ian Bellingham (MBE), stated that ‘it is a real privilege to have the opportunity to present a Southern Hemisphere perspective on the operational aspects of oiled wildlife response, and in particular that of the oil and gas industry in Western Australia’.  He went on to add that ‘the challenges of responding to a spill at remote sites, in harsh climates, and over large geographical areas were huge and PENV was continuing to develop strategies to overcome those challenges including sustainability’.

He said, ‘this opportunity builds on our recognition internationally in marine turtle conservation biology and light spill monitoring and modelling’. Dr Kellie Pendoley was delighted by the news and said 'PENV looks forward to staff making preparations to attend the conference and present'.