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Third International Conference on Artificial Light at Night (ALAN)

In May, Dr Kellie Pendoley traveled to Quebec, Canada, to attend two conferences on artificial light at night (ALAN). The first was the Light Pollution: Theory, Modelling and Measurement conference in Jouvence, which was followed immediately by the Third International Conference on Artificial Light at Night (ALAN), in Sherbrook.

The aim of the ALAN conference was to examine all aspects of artificial light at night including how light is produced (e.g. technologies, industry, and lighting design); where it is present (e.g. remote sensing); what effects it has on humans and the environment (e.g. ecology); how it is perceived by the public (e.g. perceptions of safety and security); and how the benefits and detriments of lighting may be balanced by regulation.

Dr Pendoley’s presentation, co-authored by Benjamin Goodsell, was titled: “The good the bad and the ugly; instrumental measurement techniques for biological studies” The presentation provided the audience with an overview of the outcomes of 20 years of field-based biological research with the overall goal of precisely and accurately measuring and monitoring light. The presentation described field trials with a range of different instrumental techniques, and the benefits and problems with a number of commercial instruments. All instruments and techniques were then rated against a number of criteria.

For copies of the abstracts or more information regarding the measurement of light, please email Dr Kellie Pendoley .