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Pendoley Environmental collaboration receives international ‘Innovation Award’

Pendoley Environmental's innovative approach to ecological impact assessment of flatback turtles on Barrow Island has been recognised with the presentation of the 'Innovation Award- Environment' at the international 'SPE/APPEA Health, Safety and Environment Innovation Awards' of September 12, 2012.

The award was the result of a collaboration between Chevron Australia, Ecological Modelling Services Pty Ltd, and Pendoley Environmental to meet Gorgon LNG Project Ministerial Condition requirements for statistical power. The use of control charts is currently applied by the Gorgon Joint Venture Participants (GJVPs), and special recognition went to Dr Milani Chaloupka (Ecological Modeling Services), Dr Kellie Pendoley (Pendoley Environmental), and Dr Dorian Moro (Chevron Australia), and their teams, for their tireless work on the project.

Chevron Australia's Environment Manager, Russell Lagdon, was on hand to accept the award presented by world renowned conservationist Dr Harry Butler, CBE, AO, at last night's dinner and said it was an amazing feeling to be recognised with such a prestigious award.

'We are extremely proud of the work we do on Barrow Island to protect it now and to ensure it is well protected into the future' said Russell. 'To be recognised by APPEA and SPE is an amazing validation of the work we are all doing.'

Chevron's winning submission for assessing ecological impact on rare species focused on the use of control charts to monitor the ecological impact of the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island flatback marine turtles, prior to, during, and following construction activity. The control charts demonstrate that there has been no impact on the flatback turtle population.

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