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5th Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) Conference, Utah, 2018

The 5th Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) conference was held at the Snowbird Resort in Utah last week. ALAN 2018, sponsored by the Consortium for Dark Sky Studies at the University of Utah, provided a forum for over 200 people from across a diverse range of disciplines including; biology and ecology, human health, measurement and modelling, society, technology and design, and lighting regulation.

Dr Pendoley was recognised for development of our trademarked Sky42™ technology, a digital camera-based technique which quantifies sky glow for ecological objectives.

Adam Mitchell gave a presentation on LED lighting, impacts to marine turtles and the application of Sky42™ technology in measuring and managing artificial light emissions and their impacts to wildlife.

Dr Pendoley provided delegates with an overview of Australia’s ‘National Light Pollution Guidelines for Marine Turtles, Seabirds and Migratory Shorebirds’. Scheduled for public release in June 2019, the Guidelines are an initiative of the Commonwealth of Australia’s Department of Energy and the Environment.

For more information on our Artificial Light Monitoring Services, the impact of LED lighting and how to manage it or to discuss the National Light Pollution Guidelines and what they mean for your project, contact Kellie Pendoley or Catherine Bell.

Download a copy of Kellie's poster here.