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Dr Kellie Pendoley reporting on ‘Light Pollution and You’, this Saturday 9th April 7pm on ‘Undercurrent’ (WestTV)

This Saturday 9th April at 7pm, Dr Kellie Pendoley will appear on 'Undercurrent', a TV program from WestTV, Perth.

An elected member of the Board of Directors of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), Dr Pendoley is the creator of the trade-marked Sky42 technology and founder of Digital Horizon Imaging (DHI), the artificial light assessment division of Pendoley Environmental.

Considered one of Australia's leading consultants on matters concerning the measurement and management of Artificial Light At Night (ALAN), Dr Pendoley will discuss the potential risks from increasing levels of ALAN due to increasing urbanisation and industrial development.

Research into the impacts of ALAN is on the rise, with more and more information available every day, increasing our understanding of how light affects humans, wildlife and ecosystems.

Identified risks include sleep disorders, obesity, heart disease, depression and breast cancer.

'Undercurrent' questions:

'Are Australian National Standards adequate to protect Australians and Australian ecosystems from the long term consequences of increasing exposure to ALAN?'.

Tune in, this Saturday 9th April at 7pm for the answer to this and other questions on artificial light and how it affects you.

For more information on Digital Horizon Imaging, artificial light or to discuss assessment of lighting at your property, business or facility email Dr Kellie Pendoley or call Pendoley Environmental on (08) 9330 6200 during normal business hours.