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Dr Catherine Bell in Osaka, Japan: LED lighting, marine turtles and human health

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs are rapidly replacing old style incandescent bulbs in street lights, office buildings and in our homes. They are everywhere, with complete global penetration of the lighting market predicted by 2020.  In just a few years time you will no longer be able to buy an incandescent light bulb. They wont exist.

LEDs are bright, they are really, really bright. Like all forms of artificial light, LEDs disrupt natural patterns of daylight. LEDs however are especially rich in shortwave length light. Recent research highlights serious biological and ecological side effects of excessive exposure to shortwave length light. 

Watch Dr Catherine Bell's presentation at the 38th International Sea Turtle Symposium in Osaka, Japan.

The ten minute talk covers:

  • the global rise in LED lighting; and
  • how to measure and manage the impacts to wildlife, environmental and human health.

Pendoley Environmental uses custom technology Sky42TM to measure artificial light emissions and provide the information to manage harmful light emissions.

Visit our website or contact Dr Kellie Pendoley to learn about Pendoley Environmental's Artificial Light Monitoring Service.