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Best New Talent, Astrofest W.A. 2017

Winner: Best New Talent Award, sponsored by Pendoley Environmental, Astrofest 2017.

Astrofest 2017 was extremely well attended with an estimated 3,500 visitors to the exhibition on Sunday 20th March at Curtin Stadium, Curtin University. The award for ‘Best New Talent’, which is sponsored by Pendoley Environmental, went to Fabian Rodriguez Frustaglia for “NGC 3372 - Eta Carinae Nebula”.

Pendoley Environmental were part of Astrofest WA in 2015 and 2016 and the inaugural Sydney Astrofest in 2016.

Currently the team are looking forward to hosting a stand at Sydney Astrofest 2017.

See you there!

For more photography from Astrofest 2017, see this article in the West Australian:

Watch their website for more photos from the event or to get involved in next years Astrofest W.A.

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