Desktop Assessment of Light

As global leaders in the assessment and advice on artificial light and light pollution, we understand the potential impacts of artificial light on wildlife. Working with both industry and government agencies, we have a thorough understanding of Australia’s emerging regulatory framework for the management of artificial light and its implementation.

To successfully guide you through the artificial light assessment and management process, Pendoley Environmental can provide expertise in:

Desktop Impact Assessments

Based on a thorough literature review of the sensitive species in the project footprint and area of potential impact, we can conduct an impact assessment identifying and prioritising species most vulnerable to the impacts of artificial light from a proposed project.

Where desktop assessments identify gaps in knowledge, we can advise and design surveys to measure biologically relevant light and detect impacts to sensitive species, appropriately addressing the unknowns.

Environment in Design

We can provide specialist advice at the design phase of projects, providing best practice guidance for lighting designs and working within multi-disciplinary project teams to identify practicable engineering solutions to reduce impacts of artificial light on sensitive wildlife.

Lighting Management Plans

We can develop project-specific Lighting Management Plans to ensure impacts of artificial light are mitigated and management is compliant with regulatory and internal requirements.  Inclusion of monitoring, reporting and auditing requirements allows development of adaptive management strategies promoting continual improvement in artificial light management and ensuring your project maintains compliance throughout its life cycle.